Melbourne was Made for Horse Racing

wicklow-brave-was-too-strong-for-order-of-st-george-1473632929_656x360Known around the world as one of the great cultural melting pots, this happy and vibrant metropolis has one of the most exciting scenes around. Packed with world-class events throughout the year, visitors can be assured of finding something interesting going on during their stay here. The immaculate weather of Melbourne also ensures that your time spend outdoors will be pleasant and invigorating. Check out the latest Bet365 promo codes here.

This city has a long love affair with horse racing, going back to 1861, when the first Melbourne Cup was held here. Today, this prestigious event is still held in the city on the first Tuesday in November. During the rest of the year, the residents of Melbourne can enjoy the city’s four race tracks.

The people of Melbourne, like most Aussies, love a good sporting match. Apart from the many world-class sports events scheduled throughout the year, Melbourne is also home to league-play cricket, rugby, football and Aussie Rules Football. The city makes an excellent base for outdoor adventure activities around the area, with bushwalking or a trip to one of Victoria’s outstanding national parks being a great way to see the unique countryside.

With the ocean at your doorstep, you can indulge in surfing, swimming or simply lounging in the sand. The ever-present sunshine and warm weather ensures you’ll get the most out of your outdoor experience.

Melbourne’s number one sport is Aussie Rules Football, also known as ‘footy’. This skillful and violent game is unlike any other sport, and really should be seen live if you enjoy hard-hitting sports. Melbourne is considered to be the king of the sport, and is home to 10 of the 16 teams which compete in the Australian Football League. The footy season begins in the third weekend in March and runs through the last weekend in September. If you can, do catch a game at the high-tech indoor Telstra Dome.